In episode 6 I sit down in Natimuk with Olivia Page – freelance photographer, climber, bootstrapping adventurer, and Arc’Teryx ambassador.

Olivia has been shooting adventure, travel and conservation for over a decade. We cover her stories from helicopter hunting in New Zealand, sailing around asia, dirtbagging in Arapiles, Federation peak in Tasmania, Yosemite, and an all-female expedition to attempt a first mountain peak traverse and first mountain ascent in the remote north of Fiordland in New Zealand.

Olivia is passionate about getting more Women outside and into trad, and she’s pushing many avenues to make it happen.

You can head over to Olivia’s website here to see more of her photography and find out about projects she is currently working on.  Give her a like over here on Facebook, and follow Olivia on Instagram here.

You can rent or buy Winter on the Blade on demand on Vimeo here.


Thanks to Simon Bischoff for permission to use the tent guy rope masterpiece from WOTB.

Also, I may have called it ‘the Arapiles’ again – I’ll be at the pines next weekend and will take my lashings then.

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