Episode 12 – Alex Mougenot – I just want to climb everything

It’s Brisbane based climber Alex Mougenot up in Episode 12 – an all-round climber who started climbing in South-East Queensland in 2013.

In the podcast we talk about how his climbing started and progressed, we go into his motivations and what gets him psyched – he’s very psyched! We talk about his head game on mentally challenging terrain and training that has more recently included a crack climbing dungeon under the house. After that we get into adventure climbing, and in particular the first adventure climb he aspired to – The Governor on Mount Barney, and an epic he got into on the same mountain climbing the East Face of Mount Barney route. We finish off on some of his aspirations for the near future.

I really enjoyed getting to know Alex through this recording and bouldering with him in Toohey forest – his psyche is infectious and has a really positive impact on the Queensland climbing scene.

Alex is an Athlete, and Maker for Awesome Woody’s and an ambassador for Pinnacle Sports.

Thanks to Ryan Siacci for his help in my research process for the podcast, as well as Kwan Goddard Lee. Ryan produces the Zen and the Art of Climbing blog and he is working on a great series on 50 classic climbs of Australia.


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