Episode 10 – Christopher Glastonbury – I got away with murder

In Episode 10 I interview Christopher Glastonbury, a Queensland climber and mechanical engineer, that describes himself as a trad climber that likes to boulder between rests. He lived, worked and climbed in Norway for 5 years, and has spent the past 2 years travelling around Australia and the US with his partner, a previous Lay Back guest – Ashlee Hendy.

Chris spent his formative years in Townsville, climbing with his two close friends Steve Ioannou and Chris Beric. Together they form ‘The Three Monkeys’ and their combined psyche pushed climbing in Townsville through a burst of development. Over their school and university years they put up over 300 new lines in a range of styles, pushing the hardest grades of the area up in the process. 

When Chris moved to Norway to study and work, his climbing didn’t slow down. We touch on the climbing scene there but mostly we dive into a story of an epic he got into climbing in the Lofoten Islands, where he describes himself as having ‘got away with murder’. It’s a tense experience that had a big impact on Chris, and the story had me on the edge of my seat.

We finish off the remainder of the podcast with a few anecdotes from Chris most recent travel around Australia and the US, including getting stuck in a hail storm on Freerider, and his knack for bumping into famous climbers.

Head over to Chris Beric’s vimeo page where you can watch a whole lot of footage of Townsville climbing and the adventures of The Three Monkeys. 


Thanks goes out to Chris Beric, Lee Cujes and Ashlee Hendy for help in researching for this podcast. Further thanks to Chris Beric and also Steve Ioannou for use of their footage and images for the podcast and the above gallery.



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