In episode 9 of the Lay Back Podcast we feature Simon ‘Arnie’ Weill, a Victorian based climber known for his contributions to the development of bouldering in the Grampians. I had originally pegged Simon as a Boulderer that dabbles in a bit of Sport climbing, but Simon’s origins in climbing go back to early days climbing bluestone walls in Melbourne, followed by much time spent trad climbing in Arapiles. He has seen climbing change and evolve over the past two decades, and we discuss his origins in climbing, and the development of the bouldering scene in the Grampians over time.

In interviewing climbers, there is always the common thread of climbing, but I’m also interested in their lives around climbing. Simon tells us about running a restaurant, his other passion – Brazilian Ju Jitsu, and recently becoming a father.

You can find Simon Weill’s blog here. The video I referred to in the introduction with Simon on Middle Path at Muline is here. You can watch another interview here with Simon about the Man Hands cave put together by Side Trip Productions.

Vertical Life has also featured Simon a few times – check out an article here about his development in the Valley of the Giants, and here, an article featuring the Grampians bouldering regulars, with a bit about Simon.

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