Episode 1 – Kim Carrigan – Get Out of Your Own Castle

On episode 1 of The Lay Back, I sit down with Kim Carrigan. Kim had a significant impact on climbing in the 70s and 80s, pushing standards and establishing some of the hardest routes of the time in Australia. He travelled extensively to world class crags in the US and Europe, challenging the status quo and climbing the hardest routes of the time. We dive deep in the interview, Kim discusses everything from his youth, to his post-climbing successes as an entrepreneur, his thoughts on the current state of climbing and its future, as well as his own ambitions to return to the rock.

Podcast is available through the following links, or you can listen here on the Soundcloud player.

iTunes link
Stitcher (Android)

kim-carrigan-rings_SM Kim Carrigan on the Ring Route, now known as Lord of the Rings.
Photo courtesy of Glenn Tempest.

48416588_2215067142039863_7902029273840484352_oKim Carrigan and I after 3 hours of recording.

Thanks: Andreas K, Steve H, Dylan G, Nate B, Mark A, Chris W for helping guide research and questions for this episode.
Featured Track on Episode: Cold Funk – Funkorama – Kevin MacLeod


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